The Big Ten!!!!!!!!

Isn’t this the time of year when the Big Ten goes into bowl games and proceeds to lose most of them? Seriously, this is the time that football fans from all over the nation (particularly Southeast Conference fans) will claim that the Big Ten is not nearly as good as everyone thinks it is.

Yep, this is that time of year, but hold on… The results of the games played thus far are very different from past seasons. The Big Ten has 8 teams in bowl games and seven of them have already been contested. Headlined by Ohio State’s defeat of USC, the Big Ten is 7-0. That’s right, the Big Ten has won every game. In addition to the Buckeyes, Purdue, Iowa, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Penn State have won their respective matchups.

Ohio State’s defense manhandled the Trojans and if not for a muffed punt setting up a short field, Sam (future Brownie?) Darnold might still be trying to find a way to get into the end zone. Did the win prove the Buckeyes belonged in the playoff for a national championship? Well, yes AND no.

One could make an argument that the Buckeyes are one of the four best teams in the nation. One could also claim that the four that are in the playoff are as better or as good as OSU. Do I hear a rumbling for an expanded playoff format?

I really don’t think how well a conference does in bowl games is a good indicator of how good that conference is. Playing for the first time in over a month, on a neutral field, against quality opposition, with some of your best players sitting because of the upcoming NFL draft… just too many variables to be too concerned with how a conference fares.

But, I will admit it is fun to see the Big Ten do well. Ohio State fans have a chance to really enjoy themselves tomorrow. The last Big Ten team to play will be that team from up north. For those Buckeye fans who detest Michigan; you can root against them. If they do win, well, the Big Ten goes undefeated. Seems like a win, win to me.

The view from my seat suggests that I will be rooting for the Wolverines. I’m not one of those Buckeye fans that detest them. I’d rather sit back and enjoy the year that the Big Ten went undefeated!