After a dominating victory, Columbian faces another 2017 playoff team

Columbian took down one 2017 playoff team last week when it beat Elida.

Tonight, the Tornadoes will go on the road to play another playoff team.

And this might prove an even tougher test.

The Tornadoes travel to Whitehouse to take on an Anthony Wayne team that throttled them, 42-3 in Week 2 last season.

The Generals — like Columbian — won in a blowout last week, beating Toledo de Sales 42-10.

“They’re playing the same brand of football,” Columbian coach Judd Lutz said. “Tough, hard nosed. They’re really big up front with size and strength. They don’t try to out-scheme you necessarily with a lot of x’s and o’s, they’re gonna do what they do, which is throw in some different motions and formations.”

Lutz said that the Generals have an impressive quarterback in Max Denman, and a standout receiver in Max Bradfield. Each can give opponents trouble.

“They’ve got some really good athletes on the perimeter,” Lutz said. “I’d say the biggest difference from this year to last year is they have a really good go-to receiver. Watching him on film, and the quarterback is definitely capable of getting it to him on time, offensively, they look the part.”

But Anthony Wayne still likes to run the ball. It registered 164 yards on the ground last week, getting 95 from Ezra Scott.

“They’re gonna want to run the football and pound it down your throat and make you stop it,” Lutz said.

Lutz was asked what the key for the Tornadoes was defensively

“Being able to stop the run,” he said. “Obviously, we played an Elida team Week 1 that wanted to drop back and throw it a bunch. So we’re gonna see a whole new brand there, so we get to see how far we’ve come physically.”

Columbian’s offense was strong last week, with quarterback Chase Frankhauser piling up more than 350 total yards, and Nick Koerper finishing with more than 200 yards receiving.

Lutz said the Tornadoes will face a defense that has brought more heat than in the past.

“Defensively, they’re very similar to last year,” Lutz said. “They were really sound on defense and played some great base defense. This year, it looks like they’re bringing pressure a little bit more … I don’t know if they’re doing that for the athletes they have, or lack there of. They play a great style of football that’s going to challenge you… You have to be sound in what you do to have success.”

And for Columbian, that means a strong ground game.

“Offensively, we’ve got to be able to continue to run the ball,” he said. “I guess (it’s) probably a better defense than what we faced in Week 1, pound for pound and position by position. All 11 of their guys tackle well, and run to the football, so there really are no plays off on the offensive side. You can’t have any missed assignments, or they’ll make you pay.

“The challenges are definitely there, and we’re up for it,” Lutz said.

Even after the big win last week, Lutz said his team has kept an even keel.

“We don’t want to have peaks and valleys during the season, so we started out with a very high point, as far as being keyed in and laser-focused, so we’ve gotta repeat that week to week,” Lutz said.

Kickoff is at 7 p.m.