A bowling quiz for your Sunday morning mind-sharpening exercise

If you are a serious bowler, this quiz will be a piece of cake. For those of you who are relatively new to the sport, well, there’s no shame in missing a few. Whatever the case, I hope you enjoy taking a stroll down bowling’s memory lane.

QUESTION 1. Your teammates are laughing at the result of your shot as you have left the sour apple. Which pins remain upright?

QUESTION 2. After rolling yet another strike, your fellow keglers congratulate you on throwing a hambone. How many consecutive strikes have you thrown?

QUESTION 3. You have just completed your game and are being praised for throwing a Dutch 200 game. How did you accomplish this feat?

QUESTION 4. You throw your first ball. When you retreat to the ball return a teammate warns you about a mother-in-law. What is he talking about?

QUESTION 5. In the middle of the game someone says this to you: “You just shot an Andy Varipapa 300. What does he mean?

QUESTION 6. Your teammates are asking for their just reward from you. Tradition dictates that you will spring for the next round of drinks. What score is showing on the board and what frame is it?

QUESTION 7. Your ball hits directly on the head pin and you leave what someone refers to as double pinochle. What frightening spare attempt do you face?

QUESTION 8. You release the ball and return to the rack only to find that your score was put up on your opponent’s side of the board. Panic sets in as you realize that you have bowled on the wrong lane! What happens next?

There you have it. A simple little quiz for many: not so easy for others. Continue reading for the answers.

1. The offending maples are the 5, 7 and 10 pins. To leave this split one must throw a good ball. A pocket hit in which the ball does not have enough drive to take out the 5-pin with the corner pins also standing just to be mean, will result in your teammates laughing.

They laugh partly because of the look on your face. You were thinking strike and leave pins all over the alley. They are also laughing because it did not happen to them! Also, it’s likely your opponents are not laughing. They sit there amazed because they can’t remember the last time the “other” team caught a bad break.

2. You have just thrown your fourth consecutive strike. The term was coined by rookie ESPN announcer Rob Stone some 10 years ago. Some bowling purists do not like the term in part because Stone seems to relish the fact that he came up with it.

3. You have alternated strikes and spares for the entire game. Do that and you will be on the receiving end of a 200 game. It sounds easy, but it means carrying every shot on one lane and not being able to strike on the other.

4. You do not have to look around to see if your wife sent her mom to see if you really are bowling. The term refers to a pin partially hidden behind another. The 8-pin behind the 2, or the 9-pin behind the 3 are the most common examples of what is also referred to as double wood or a sleeper.

The 5-pin sits directly behind the head pin, but this is not a very common leave while the others happen frequently. The reminder is given in case you are not aware of the hidden pin.

Then again if you are prone to not being totally truthful with your spouse, you might want to look around!

5. Andy Varipapa was a famed trick bowler back when I was a kid. He thought if you threw 12 consecutive strikes at ANY time, it should be recognized. Thus an Andy Varipapa 300 consists of 12 strikes in a row over the course of two games.

Finish a game with seven in a row and throw the first five in the next game and you have yourself one. No ring, but still a great accomplishment.

6. Your score is 111 and the frame is the seventh. Buying a round of drinks or contributing money to the team kitty is a tradition on every bowling team I’ve ever been around. All but my Fostoria team, that is.

That team had 75 ways to get money from me, but not the one every other team uses. Go figure!

7. That would be the 4-6-7-10 split. Also known as the Big Four, this is a very difficult spare to convert. I prefer the term double pinochle because I play pinochle. I might also add that pinochle may be the best two-handed card game one can play.

Just in case you don’t have a lot of friends …

8. If you bowl long enough you will do this. After taking some good-natured ribbing, the rules of bowling state that you erase the score and bowl again on the correct lane. This is not a really big deal, but if you strike on the wrong lane and then split on the proper lane, your teammates will not be happy.

Of course, if you do it the other way around, then your opponents will be unhappy. For sure, it is just a simple mistake that is easily rectified, but you will hear about it from your fellow bowlers for some time.

Rocket: Kory Conley 661, Dave Hohman 600, Roger Coppus 580, Tom Tiell 571, Samantha Wiley 477 and Randina Muhammad 432.

55-Plus: Jim Ruess 624, Bob Cleveland 574, Jerry Gillig 540, Bill Mizen 527, Rick Hanna 515, Bob Reinhart 500, Dick Gabel 492, Jim Donaldson 491 and Jim Ferstler 413.

Wednesday Morning: David Jones 691, Aaron Sherman 659, Roger Kramer 656, Ken Lofton 637, Greg Elchert 594, Beth Jones 553, Samantha Wiley 536 and Dianne Smith 513.

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