Little to do about phones at the table

Dear Annie: I go out to eat with girlfriends often. One friend has the habit of pulling out her phone and then proceeding to show everyone the latest video clips she likes on Facebook or pictures of her grandkids. I feel like this is thoughtless and rude. The other day at brunch, several other friends copied her after she initiated it and started doing the same thing. Am I the only one who likes conversation anymore or am I out of step? — Speak Up or Put Up?

Dear Speak Up or Put Up: I believe phones belong on the table no more than elbows do. But I think you might have to let this go for two reasons. One, your friend isn’t ignoring everyone to stare at her phone; she’s using it as a way to share things. Think of it as the modern-day equivalent to passing around wallet photos of the grandkids. And two, you’re outnumbered. You might try proposing a no-phones rule, but be prepared for the group to veto it.