Doesn’t want the negativity

Dear Annie: I reconnected with an old male schoolmate of mine, and we became friends. We would talk occasionally and send emails to each other. My husband passed away some time ago. This man is divorced. We have not visited with each other and live in different cities.

At first, I enjoyed chatting with him via the telephone and email. I think people tend to put their best foot forward at the beginning of a relationship, whether it be romantic or just a friendship, as was the case with us.

Over time, I noticed his conversations were very one-sided. He has a negative personality. He is a “woe is me” type of person. I no longer send him emails. I think people can outgrow each other and that’s fine.

The problem is that we also are friends on social media. Though I do not comment on his posts, he occasionally will post on my page. I would really prefer not having contact with him on Facebook, either. Would it be rude or hurtful to unfriend him? This man does not have many friends and is somewhat of a recluse. — Unsure of Unfriending

Dear Unsure of Unfriending: He’d probably feel hurt by it, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You could also block him rather than just unfriend him. That way, he couldn’t see your profile at all. But if you’re up for it, you could tell him you’re withdrawing because his negativity gets you down. It might make him rethink his attitude. Or it might just make him cranky. In any case, you’re not beholden to his emotions. Decide what’s right for yourself.

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